Bristol Cable Director

I’m flippin’ thrilled to have recently been voted a Director of The Bristol Cable, a media co-operative, created, owned and produced by people in Bristol (UK).

The Cable aims to redefine local media as we know it. In stark comparison to the decline in quality of local media we aim to create journalism that is fresh, challenging and accountable.

As a democratic co-operative (with over 170 paying members as of March 10th 2015) and through working with different groups and individuals in the city, we aim to organise the active participation of a broad range of people in creating an alternative media outlet in the city, along with events, workshops and other off-line events.

We will publish a magazine every two months and continuously update this website as our online multimedia platform. Our first edition was released late October 2014  with a print-run of 10 000 copies, the second on February 14th and the third, an election special, is coming out mid April 2015.

Our content covers local investigations, people’s history, local voices, info-graphics,  illustrations, fiction, and other features. We strive to present journalism in interactive and engaging forms using graphic design, podcasts, text, photography, illustrations and films.

Whilst all working hard voluntarily at the moment, we aim to make The Cable to pay contributors and remunerate organisers – we consider this both an organisational necessity and social commitment.

You can help keep independent media alive by becoming a member or a supporter of The Cable.


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