Full filmography

2018 – one short (1 min 50 second) video for Working Class History  about the Grunwick strike 1976-8.

2017/18 – ‘Number 19’. A short experimental film about the ghosts of one house in Liverpool.

2017/18 – ‘TOMB’ (working title). A short fiction in development.

2017 – one short (1min 30 second) video for Working Class History about the Christmas truce of 1914.

2017 – two short (40 second) info videos for a union giving basic work and renting rights information.

2015 –  ‘UoB’s £5.6m in fossil fuel – The Bristol Cable investigates‘.  A short (1 min 30 sec) infovid about the University of Bristol’s fossil fuel investments.  Designed for FB News Feed, no audio.

2015 – ‘South Thanet Film Report‘. A short (25 min) documentary report about the 2015 UK General/Local election week in the South Thanet constituency.

2014 – ‘The Island at the End of the World‘. A short (4 min) experimental documentary, a dialogue between history, memory and place. Selected for the 12th London Short Film Festival, shown at the ICA, London.

2012 – ‘Mobile Moment’. A short (3 min) experimental drama about the human effects of the economic crisis. Screened at AEG Los Angeles, 2014.

2009 – ‘Hebron/al Khalil‘. A short (10 min) film about the Westbank town Hebron/al Khalil.

2007 – ‘ARRIVAL’. A short (4 min) film about one young man’s journey from Afghanistan to the UK, shown on Channel 4’s 4docs.

2007 – ‘TURN. to colour’. A 6′ commissioned film document of Norbert Francis Attard’s art intervention ‘TURN. to colour’.  This film was screened as part of the ARRIVALS>ART FROM THE NEW EUROPE launched at the Venice Biennale, and marked the end of the two-year collaboration between Turner Contemporary and Modern Art Oxford introducing the work of artists from the expanded European Union.

2007 – ‘Being Illegal’. A short (15 min) documentary telling the story of one of the UK’s 500,000 destitute failed asylum seekers and irregular (illegal) migrants.  Shown at the Addis Ababa Film Festival 2009 and used by Kent Refugee Action Network’s education and outreach programmes.

2007 – ‘A True Sanctuary?’. A short (5 min) film about one woman’s experience and memories of a mental health ‘asylum’. The film was produced for Mental Health Media’s project Testimony – Inside Stories of Mental Health Care, screened at the BFI’s Southbank and exhibited around the UK.

2006 – ‘A Better Life‘. A short (23 min) documentary about British outflow migrants. Shown at the London International Documentary Festival 2008, at the BFI’s National Film Theatre as part of an Emerging Documentary Filmmakers programme, selected for the 3rd Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival in Doha, 2007, included in the catalogue of MEDIMED doc market ’07 and screened at Cineclub Detour in Rome.

2005 – ‘Winter On A Bio-Dynamic Farm’. A short (10 min) documentary about winter and the contemporary rural economy.

2005 – ‘The Visitors’. A short (15 min) documentary about a group of voluntary immigration detention centre visitors, used by Dover Detainee Visitor’s Group’s education and outreach programmes and successful funding bids.

2002 – ‘Staying Afloat’. A short (25 min) documentary/drama, a day in a poor harbour town in East Kent. Included in Best of UK Shorts, Leeds International Film Festival 2002, Kent International Film Festival 2002.

2001 – ‘Day Out’. A short drama about the British class system. Included in Kent International Film Festival 2001, UK Short Film Bureau 2001.

1998 – ‘For Fox Sake’. A short documentary following a group of fox hunt saboteurs and animal rights activists during two hunt seasons. Included in Kent International Film Festival 1999.

1996 – ‘Betteshanger’. A short documentary about the Miners’ Strike of ’84/’85. Won ReelTime Competition 1996/7 Meridian TV Prize for Best Documentary.

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